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Invest in US Commercial Real Estate with Emition.com via Assetmag.co.za

Blackstar Property Inc. the promoters of the Zebra Real Estate fund, a Delaware based private opportunity fund for US and South African investors, have developed an online investment platform and marketplace for the Commercial Real Estate and Net Lease industry that uses digital technology to make investing simple and more affordable. If you would like a copy of our e.Book on the ABC of Net Lease Investing in the US, please e.mail us on invest@emition.com.
The Emition Real Estate Fund has been setup to take advantage of the new Crowdfunding and SEC regulations (September 2013) repeal of the ban on general solicitation and advertising of securities under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D – allowing issuers to raise funds from accredited investors.
Traditionally, the majority of commercial real estate investors have been institutional including high net-worth individuals. Through the Emition.com investment platform, all accredited investors can now select and make investments in pre-vetted institutional quality Commercial Real Estate and Net Lease assets directly through our website – see some of their demo investments on www.emition.com.
Emition.com have a fully integrated online platform for making and managing investments, returns and tax documents allowing investors to review projects, fund investments and track them online through their extensive investor dashboard.
Investors can now enjoy the convenience of Emition.com’s digital investment platform while maintaining the ability to access institutional quality Commercial Real Estate and Net Lease investment opportunities across the US for as little as $5,000.


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